Sunday, April 13, 2008

Young Jeezy - The Mixtape Monster (Presented by The Empire and Cartel)

1. fuck is a gangsta intro 0:07
2. side effects ft. mariah carey (world premiere) 3:39
3. get em young (world premiere) 1:32
4. dickies ft. ugk (prod. by shawty redd) 2:24
5. superstar remix ft. lupe fiasco mathew santos t.i. 3:24
6. chasin it ft. bloodraw diesel the don 3:07
7. black bandana (prod. by swizzo) 2:56
8. luv ur girl remix ft. the dream 2:03
9. blow it up ft. r. kelly young dro 2:24
10. after the show ft. slick pulla 2:10
11. fuck the other side ft. slick pulla trick daddy 2:14
rick ross (cartel remix)
12. shake and bake ft. slick pulla (prod. by knoxville) 1:41
13. the good life remix 1:10
14. rock song (prod. by j.u.s.t.i.c.e. league) 2:00
15. ready to roll ft. slick pulla 2:22
16. i hustle ft. b.g. (gotnow blend) 2:11
17. wanna bes ft. snoop dogg nate dogg 3:12
18. eyes closed ft. 2 pistols (prod. by j.u.s.t.i.c.e. 2:12
19. luxury tax ft. lil wayne rick ross trick daddy 3:44
20. cant tell me nothing remix ft. kanye west 2:12
21. diamonds remix ft. fabolous lil wayne 2:27
22. baby powder remix ft. boo 1:48
23. when cte come around ft. slick pulla 4:06
24. white girl ft. u.s.d.a. (gotnow blend) 2:16
25. louie bag ft. bloodraw 2:59
26. duffle bag boy ft. slick pulla 2:37
27. in this club ft. usher 2:32
28. hurt remix ft. t.i. 1:54
29. cte till the death ft. slick pulla 1:53
30. brown paper bag ft. slick pulla 2:05
31. all eyes on us 1:22
32. g-move ft. roccett gorilla zoe (prod. by p.c.) 3:14
33. talk real slick ft. slick pulla (prod. by drumma 3:24

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Anonymous said...

I am a huge hip hop fan! especially Kanye! did any of you hear that he is on the video game soundtrack for Scratch The Ultimate DJ?

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